Thursday, August 02, 2012

Poconos, Day 5

Today was Aaron's turn to go fishing with Granddad in the morning.  During that time, I lifted and ran, and then returned home for a shower, snack, and nap.  The community center has all the stuff our Y has and also affords the opportunity to run around it in lush woods, which is quite nice.

We anticipated bad weather but were emboldened when the sun peeked out, so we packed lunch and headed back to the beach.  Amy's parents got a long canoe ride in while Amy and I read and the kids made friends, played in the sand, and splashed around in the lake.  We stayed all day and left unwillingly.

Amy's parents graciously agreed to put the kids to bed so Amy and I could go out for a walk and drinks.  We headed back to the community center to walk the trail, and then headed to a nearby waterfall vista point before going to a local restaurant to watch some Olympics. 

We had told Amy's parents that the kids could stay up late (well, late for us: 9 pm), but when we returned home not long after that, they reported to us that they didn't get close to that hour, but rather had fallen asleep quite easily and quickly.  That's what a day of sun and lake and fun will do for you.

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