Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poconos, Day 1

 Friday night and Saturday morning are always a fire drill, but more so this day because it was my last class and because we were off to the Poconos with Amy's parents.  One last grocery run, packing up, tending to things around the house, racing off to class, and then racing home so as not to delay my family too much.  We hit massive traffic heading out of Philly but then made good time to the mountains, where we checked into our house and got ourselves acclimated to a new vacation spot.

Unlike at the Shore, where we could walk to the beach and other destinations, here you pretty much had to drive everywhere.  We scoped out the pool and the lake before returning home for dinner and bedtime.  I was wiped out from a long week at work, a long night of packing, and a long drive to the Poconos, so I was out before 8 (early even for me).  No matter: sleep is definitely part of vacation.

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