Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stay at Home Mon

Amy makes more than me, so sometimes we'll joke about her wearing the pants in the family, along the lines of me calling her "my sugar mommy" and me her "lazy slacker," or else me complaining about a hard day at work and her saying "quit your job and stay at home with the kids." Neither of us is cut out for stay-at-home duty full-time, since we both like working and don't really like extended domestic time at home.

But for a day, it can be fun. So while it was a bummer that Amy didn't have MLK off, it did give me a taste of the stay-at-home life. Again, I wouldn't wish this on myself for good, or even for an extended period, but I survived. I took the kids to the Y for a swim, and thanks to free child watch, even got a workout in myself. We also ate three meals together, which necessitated three set-up and clean-ups. I took advantage of the extra time in the kitchen to make a big salad and sweep the floor, and squeezed in some laundry and vacuuming to boot, as well as ordering some birthday presents for some upcoming parties. The day concluded by dropping off and then picking up Jada at ballet, and by the time Amy got home, it was good to have the adult-kid ratio even out.

It was a welcome break from having my work hat on, but I'm glad to be heading into the office again. Is it weird that I like schmoozing at business events and creating spreadsheets more than I like playing board games with my kids and cleaning up after them?
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