Monday, January 16, 2012


The Travel Show downtown was a highlight - but not the only one - of a busy Sunday for the kids. We started as we always do, with Sunday School and church. I've been in the habit of packing sandwiches and fruit for after church, so that the kids can just have their lunch there and then go nuts on the junk food. Four members' birthdays were this week, including Aaron, so there was a cake, and it even had Aaron's name on it, so that was a nice addition to the usual assortment of chips and donuts.

From there, we took the trolley downtown to the Convention Center to check out the Travel Show. It was fun to dream about exotic locales and fill out forms to win far-flung getaways. It was also fun for the kids to spy out candy and pencils and fill their grab bags to the brim.

From there, it was a short hop and skip to Reading Terminal Market to get smoothies and buy some refreshments for a birthday party we were going to. We made a slight detour to Chinatown for pastries and cake before taking the subway back to our neighborhood, where we headed straight for our friends' house to celebrate a birthday and eat more food.

We finally trudged home, some nine hours after we had first left the house in the morning. Although the kids were a little cranky from all the walking, soon enough they had given up the ghost and were fast asleep, with visions of tasty food and magical vacation destinations in their head.
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