Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter at the Y is Going Swimmingly

For all of my crack research on classes at the Y, I somehow failed to account for the availability of classes during the winter. So while I had in my mind what would be fun for the kids to take in the fall and spring, I hadn't thought that there would be anything for them to do during the winter session, because for some reason I wasn't aware there was a winter session. So Amy and I decided to enroll them in swim class, rather than wait until the summer.

Aaron's teacher is really cool and funny, so Aaron is having a blast. Jada's teacher is more on the serious side, but equally effective in stretching her students to gain swimming techniques. Even though the pool is pretty crowded during their classes, I've been able to eke out some laps while they're in the water, so that when we're all done we can just get showered and head out together. The first two weeks of swim class, we've headed to the McDonald's next door, hungry as all get out because of all the swimming. That's some good times.
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