Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December in California, Day Three

The two youngest of the four kids, who were born with two weeks of each other, are up first, unable to restrain themselves. The rest of the house, which includes the two older kids, me, my cousin and her husband, and my aunt and uncle, wake up at various stages over the remainder of the morning. After breakfast and video games, we take another stroll to another park, before returning home to await still more family members.

By lunchtime, two more of my cousins have arrived with their husbands and kids, as well as another set of aunt and uncle. Of course, this being a family gathering, we have ample food to go along with the 18 family members. It is a delightful time of food, Christmas presents, ping pong, and catching up. The talk of the house is the announcement of two more babies on the way, so the third generation of cousins will be +2 in 2012.

The party breaks up around 3, and the kids and I pack up, say our goodbyes, and head to Seal Beach Pier to meet up with two college friends of mine and their families. We delight in the sunny weather and the sandy scene, and even partake in sledding down a big sand dune. Before the sun goes down, we all break for dinner at In n Out Burger, and then head further north to crash at my cousin's place in Woodland Hills. The kids and their cousin play board games for a little bit while the grown-ups chat, and soon enough all are yawning and it's time for bed. I share the guest room with the kids, and after I tuck them in, by the time I return from brushing my teeth in the bathroom, they are already snoring.
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