Monday, December 26, 2011

All Smiles

The kids' dental appointments happened to fall on the last day of school for calendar year 2011, which made for a more harried day than I would have wished. But with both Amy and I off, all turned out OK.

The morning routine was the same as always, but instead of walking the kids to school, I took them downtown to the dentist's office. Jada went first, and since this is her third visit, she was confident and bubbly. It helped that she got a goody bag full of really fun things.

Aaron had been dreading his turn since he woke up, even announcing with a wild tantrum that there was no way he was going to see the dentist. But Dr. Murphy was able to charm him, and the prospect of a goody bag for himself helped. Sure enough, by the end of the check-up, Aaron was his usual chatty self.

I dropped the kids off at school and headed home, only to have to escort yet another family member to a medical appointment: Amy asked if I would accompany her to the doctor's, where she was getting her blood drawn. So we rode the bus to the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine for that, and then went to Starbucks after. I realize it's not dinner and dancing and fancy clothes, but it was a nice treat to spend such quality time with just Amy.

Alas, Aaron's school was dismissing early, so we headed in that direction, grabbed him, and brought him home. Jada didn't have her after-school program, so a couple of hours after that, I had to get her as well. We gave them some time to watch TV and play with toys, but then we instructed them to catch up on a week's worth of cleaning up all around the house. Not a bad way to ease into a holiday weekend.
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