Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December in California, Day Four

The kids squeeze in a little bit more time playing with their cousin - drawing, board games, and books - before and after breakfast, before we head back up north. It was a quick strike to Southern California and now it's time for more fun up north.

We get from Woodland Hills to Merced in four and a half hours, stopping once for gas and once for a hot dog. We arrive at my sister's house at 1, giving us the whole afternoon to play. The kids get a quick snack to refuel, and then we pull carrots and beets from her garden and then head out to Lake Yosemite for a hike. The highlight of our hike had to be when some cows that were off at a distance kept grazing their way closer and closer to us until they were literally just on the other side of the fence from us. The kids delighted in seeing them so close, staring at us while we were staring at them. I thought to myself: they won't get this experience in Philadelphia!

We head home, change into pajamas, have a delicious home cooked meal, and play Uno before turning in early for bed. My sister has to work bright and early the next morning, but we'll see her again in San Jose before the week is out. The next morning, it will be time to return to San Jose and to my parents' house, to tell them all about the fun things we did all over the state.
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