Friday, December 30, 2011

December in California, Day Six

After all of that travel all throughout the Golden State, we are content to lay low today. I am up early, even for me, so watch a movie (Inception) before the kids wake up. We eat breakfast, hang out with my parents, and then get dropped off at my cousin's house, where my kids can play with his kids. We leave there a little before noon, walk to my aunt's house (my cousin's mom) to drop off our Christmas card, and then walk home for lunch.

While the kids watch Pink Panther, I spend extended time catching up with my mom, and then am given another to-do list of yard chores. First my dad and then my mom add to this list while I am working on it, so by the time I'm done, there's a sizeable pile of brown compostables that has been piled up on the streets next to their house. I feel the satisfaction of having done good labor; I also feel not a little achy!

I do two loads of laundry while we eat dinner and have bedtime stories, and while the kids go happily to sleep, I am folding and packing already. We are nearing the end of our trip, with one more full day here before we ship out. It's been fun, but it'll be good to get home.
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