Thursday, December 29, 2011

December in California, Day Five

My sister had to get to work bright and early in the morning, so we were up with her, eating breakfast and packing up and heading out by 7ish. We "only" had to drive 2+ hours today, which we did without much traffic or hassle, stopping once for bathroom and gas. We got back to San Jose by 9ish and, since we were meeting friends for a late breakfast, we killed time at a local park. The kids and I had fun swinging and jumping and laughing and tickling.

10:30 rolled around and we headed for a McDonald's with a playground, where we caught up with a dear high school friend of mine and his wife and four kids. We somehow managed to drag out breakfast for over three hours, and then headed home to see my parents and unpack. Before the sun set, I squeezed in some yard work, per my dad's request, removing some brush in the back (and ordering my kids to pick up rotten lemons that had fallen to the ground).

All that yard work required a bath afterwards, which was followed by another delicious dinner cooked by my dad. The kids and I hung out downstairs and watched TV with my mom, and then we did bedtime and turned in early. After sleeping in four different places in four different cities over the last four days, it was nice to set up the kids' beds knowing we'd be sleeping in the same place for the next three days.
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