Monday, December 26, 2011

December in California, Day Two

Let's follow up a six hour flight with a seven hour drive, shall we? The kids mercifully sleep in until 5:30, which is acceptable to me for the first morning in the West Coast while still on East Coast time. I keep them upstairs for a little bit before bringing them down for breakfast. My mom is already up, and delighting in watching her grands as they eat. This is why I bring them out twice a year.

We hit the road by 8 and make our first stop at 9, at Casa de Fruta, a huge fruit stand that sells a whole lot more. We snag a bunch of items for family members and hit the road by 9:30. We make two more stops - one for bathroom, one for gas and food - and make it to my cousin's in Orange County by 3, which is great time. We walk immediately to a local park so my kids and her two kids can let off a little steam. A delicious dinner is followed by the four kids unsuccessfully containing their giddiness at having a little four-kid slumber party. Soon enough they are asleep and so am I.
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