Sunday, September 25, 2011

Y + Zoo

After a late night eating out at Manakeesh, we had a full Saturday. We spent all morning at the Y, with soccer practice and then swimming. It was fun to toggle between watching the kids play soccer, getting some lifting and swimming of my own in, and watching Amy and the kids splash in the water.

In the afternoon, with our zoo membership expiring, I decided to take the kids one last time. I arranged a playdate with a friend of mine, whose kids are 4 and 2. We spent much of the time corralling the four kids and trying in vain to take non-blurry photos of them. It was a blast.

Once we got home, it was time to clean house after a week's worth of craziness had left things a mess. Y and zoo might be loads of fun, but you can't have an unkempt house, you know. After all the fun they had, I was glad they took to the task of cleaning with sufficient gusto. Not a bad Saturday for the little ones.
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