Monday, September 26, 2011

Lost Crab, Life Lesson

Well, the bad news is that Jada once again left Desol (our pet tree crab) unattended, and Desol was temporarily lost (until Amy found him). Clearly, Jada has some learning to do in terms of remembering to have responsibility over something else. Witness also her constant leaving behind of various possessions of hers: toys, pens, books. Even for a little kid, she's pretty flighty in this area.

The good news is that Jada felt her mistake deeply, and owned up to it. She came racing down the stairs from the third floor, crying that she had forgotten about Desol and now couldn't find him. Her panic seemed driven by equal parts having lost something cherished, and having made a mistake that I had scolded her about previously. Feeling bad on both fronts is a good thing for a little girl who needs to learn such lessons.

The happy ending is that we did end up finding Desol. Hopefully, the even better outcome is that Jada takes in this life lesson, and becomes a more responsible person as a result.
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