Monday, September 05, 2011

San Jose Summer 2011 - Day 7

Alas, our fun time in San Jose has come to an end. We woke up as usual, ate breakfast, did some last-minute packing, said our goodbyes to Ama, and Agong took us to the airport. We had plenty of time before our flight to spread out, watch some cartoons, and eat some of the food we had packed for a long journey.

Our layover in Phoenix was extended by an hour due to a delay in our second leg, so I scored the kids some chicken nuggets and a strawberry shake at Wendy's. Soon enough, we were boarding our long second flight back home. By the end, the kids were pretty rammy, so it was good to finally touch down, call Amy, and get reunited with her at pick-up.

Once we got home, it was soon off to bed. (Aaron had even fallen asleep in the car ride home from the airport.) Not sure when we'll be back to San Jose, but glad to sneak this trip in before the school year starts.

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