Sunday, September 04, 2011

San Jose Summer 2011 - Day 6

Jada and I earned our free rent at my parents' house by working in the garden and the front lawn after breakfast. (Aaron insisted on doing his homework after breakfast instead of before, so he was inside working on his letters while we were pulling weeds and trimming bushes.) We then got a ride to the local mall, where we met up with some college friends at Johnny Rockets. It was fun to catch up with old friends while the kids (in addition to Aaron and Jada, there was a 5-year-old boy and girls aged 1, 2, and 3) romped around.

My dad took us home from the mall, and we watched tennis with my mom until my brother-in-law arrived from Merced, a couple of hours late due to train engine issues. We caught up quickly and then walked together to a nearby park, where I was to meet up with some high school friends. This time there were even more kids for Aaron and Jada to socialize with: a two-year-old girl and six boys (7, 5, 5, 5, 3, and 3). It was a great moment: music blasting, weather picture-perfect, the sounds of laughter (interrupted by the occasional piercing cry from Aaron, who sustained scrapes on both knees and also bumped his head so bad there was a big goose egg right in the middle of his forehead).

We walked home, took baths, and ate dinner. I did laundry and packed after the kids went to bed. It was a fun time in San Jose, and we're looking forward to coming back.

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