Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Social Calendar

With the school year now filling our weekdays, was there ever any doubt our weekends would be packed as well? Here's how Saturday played out:

Morning - The kids experience breakfast in the new kitchen for the first time, even though it's not all the way done. We brush teeth, put our exercise gear on, and take the bus to the YMCA, where first Aaron and then Jada have their first day of soccer practice. The coaches and students couldn't be nicer. Nevertheless, Aaron spends the majority of the session moping on the sideline. Jada, unsurprisingly, dives in whole hog, and has a blast. We change into swimsuits for a quick dip in the pool, grab a bite at the McDonald's down the street, and grab the bus home. Jada can't stop saying, "I love the Y!" Since we are members and I have a transpass, going there is literally free, so I have to concur.

Afternoon - We get home just in time for us to change clothes and then I have to take Jada downtown for a birthday party at a bowling alley. The bus takes us right to the party destination. I drop off Jada and head to Reading Terminal Market to buy some fresh produce and read my book. I decide to make a detour to Chinatown to buy Amy and Aaron some pastries. I return to the party a little early, to observe Jada bowling and socializing with her friends. As we ride the bus home, Jada goes through her goodie bag and, being a good big sister, identifies that Aaron would like the dinosaur toy, so she tells me she will give it to him. They reunite at home, play with their new toys, and watch Dora on the computer while Amy and I get dinner ready and wonder when there will be free time.
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