Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to Back to Back to School

Somehow, though we only have two kids, we had three back-to-school things in a row this week. Tuesday was actually a back-to-school ice cream social for Jada's school: good times eating sweets while catching up with old friends after the summer. Wednesday I had a meeting late so Amy went to Aaron's potluck and orientation. Thursday I attended Jada's back-to-school meeting in her classroom: the parents heard a presentation from Jada's teacher while Jada and Aaron ate PB&J's and pears in the corner.

Mercifully, while there's yet another back-to-school gathering - a potluck for Jada's after-school program - it's not until early October. Even though it was fun to pack dinners, it'll be fun tonight to actually go home from school and eat at home.

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