Monday, August 22, 2011

Ocean City 2011 - Day 2

Day 2 of our Ocean City vacation started early: Jada came into our room at 3:30a to announce she was up. "No, you're not," said Amy, and then rolled over and went back to sleep. I asked Jada to put her clothes on, write in her journal, and then read books (for, say, three more hours).

Two hours later, she came back in and said she was bored. Well, 5:30a is not too early in our family, even if it is for vacation, so I got up and set her up with cartoons while I made breakfast. Aaron wouldn't arise for another hour, the good sleeper he is.

Later that morning, I took the kids to the park nearby, but that didn't seem to grab their attention. I think they had the beach on their mind, so soon enough we were there. We spent the rest of the morning there, Amy joining us later on in the morning with snacks.

Because we beat the lifeguard there, and because I was too tired to want to do anything but read my book, I asked the kids not to go into the water but to just play in the sand. They were happy to comply, but glad when Amy arrived so they could get their water play in.

Noontime brought lunch and then a very long nap by me, while Amy's dad took the kids back to the beach for some more water fun. Amy took the opportunity to bike down to the shops for some window shopping. We ate an early dinner and then partook of birthday cake to celebrate Amy's and her twin brother's birthday.

Our boardwalk plans were washed away by rain, so we stayed inside and watched movies instead. Even with my long nap, I didn't make it too long into the night before crashing. I slept well. I think we all did.

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