Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ocean City 2011 - Day 1

The Huangs were scurrying at a fierce pace the morning we were to leave for the Jersey Shore. After breakfast, the kids did their final clean-ups of their floor while Amy and I finished packing up the kitchen. Once their floor passed inspection by Amy, they were rewarded with a quick trip to the Y, where they played in the kid room while I swam laps. I then grabbed Jada for a quick dip in the pool. Aaron preferred staying in the kid room; I think he thought the Y worker was pretty.

We caught the bus home and the kids went upstairs to watch TV while Amy continued to clean the house and I went on a mongo set of errands: pharmacy, grocery store, drop off the vacuum for its annual tune-up. That took us to lunchtime, followed by a final cleaning out of the kitchen. We then loaded up all our bags, secured the bikes to the back of our car, and waited for Amy's parents to arrive to drive with us to the Shore.

The drive was actually not that bad, in terms of traffic, and soon enough we were at our house, unloading all our stuff and getting acclimated. The kids pestered for a beach run, and finally we felt settled enough to walk across the street and onto the beach. By now it was 5, so the sun wasn't as menacing but it was still nice enough to sit out on the sand. Aaron busied himself with sand castles while Jada insisted I come deep into the water so we could get pummeled by the waves.

We finished our evening with take-out pizza, and soon enough the kids were in bed and Amy and I snuck in a long evening walk to talk about the different beach houses, hold hands, and generally enjoy a rare private moment out. Not a bad start to our beach vacation.

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