Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back in His Place at His Place

I think I have a reason for why Aaron has been so crabby the past few weekends: he likes school better than home.

Let me explain. Aaron loves his school. He loves his teachers, has lots of friends (boys and girls; blacks, whites, Asians, and Latinos), and enjoys all the activities. He enjoys the affection of all around him, and why not: he's nice, he laughs easily, he shows concern when someone is hurt, and is quick to play peacemaker when there's an argument. As a result, hugs abound.

At home is a different story. Jada plays the big sister role to a T, tormenting him with her iciness, bossiness, and the occasional punch. Amy and I spend a good chunk of time barking at him, like the strict parents we are trying to be. Where's the lovefest he gets Monday through Friday?

I write tongue firmly in cheek. Life's good for the little guy, even at home and even on the weekend. Still, let's just say here's one kid who doesn't mind when Monday morning rolls around.
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