Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adventures in Babysitting

Living in University City and being involved in a church has the added benefit of giving us access to lots of potential babysitters. This came in handy this past week, as me having a heavy travel schedule and Amy hurting her leg over the weekend made our babysitting needs greater and more uncertain than usual. As of Monday night, I had babysitters on standby for three slots: getting our kids to school on Wednesday morning (I was out of town and Amy’s ability to drive or get out of work was unknown), getting our kids home from school and staying with them until after bedtime (I was due back in but wanted a backup in case my flight was delayed or cancelled, and Amy had work and then a doctor’s appointment), and Thursday morning (I had an early train and Amy wasn’t sure if she would be able to get both kids to school and get herself to work on time).

We ended up needing only one-half of one of those time slots, as we asked a sister of my friend to walk Jada to school Thursday morning while I was on a train and Amy was taking Aaron to school en route to her work. But it was still kind of crazy. Slightly less crazy than it could have been, thanks to having access to reliable babysitters, for which we are thankful to whom we are thankful.
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