Monday, April 11, 2011

News Flash: Jada is Sick

With two demanding jobs and two demanding kids, life is a constant challenge. But at least Aaron and Jada are physically hearty, so at least we don't have to deal with stomach bugs or food sensitivities. It makes for a schedule that is quite busy but doable, however barely.

Alas, sometimes the sickies don't stay away. A couple of nights ago, I awoke to Jada howling upstairs. She had thrown up all over her bed and rug. Aside from the hassle of cleaning everything up and feeling bad that our baby girl was feeling bad, I didn't think much of the incident in terms of having change things up in our routine.

But the next day arrived and Jada was much more lethargic and clingy than usual. we went from skipping Sunday School to skipping morning service to skipping her afternoon playdate. And by dinner, she was still looking and feeling below par. Amy and conferred about how we would decide if she was a go for school the next day, who would stay home, and how we want get Aaron to and from school.

Other parents may read this and scoff. This may be a monthly or even weekly occurrence. But Jada hasn't missed a day for school since as far as I can remember. And I am wimpy when it comes to having my sleep disrupted or cut short. So we are all a mess, and Amy and I are hoping Jada is feeling better when she wakes up later this morning.
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