Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jada's Alright

Closing the loop on Jada's weekend bug, she was still feeling queasy yesterday morning, but no fever meant she was cleared for school. What a relief, since Amy or I would have had to stay home, making our piles at work even bigger.

I got a call later that morning from Amy. "The nurse called me . . . " Uh-oh. Thankfully, no uh-oh. Apparently, Jada whined to her teacher, her teacher sent her to the nurse, and the nurse confirmed that nothing was wrong with Jada. She was probably still feeling physically not 100 percent, but more so wanted to milk the sickness a little longer in terms of being mopey.

When we got home that night, she had very little dinner and then had a really big and messy poop after that, so she probably is still not 100 percent but is well on the way to getting there. Whew. Again, we are wimps, so it'll be good to be illness-free once again soon enough.
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