Friday, November 05, 2010

Huang Boys Need A Costume Change

With the exception of Aaron’s first day of school and the week in which I decided to buy a weekly Transpass and go all SEPTA, I’ve gone all bicycle in our morning commute. As convenient as SEPTA is, being on bike is even more: slicing through stop-and-go (although obeying all traffic laws; trying to do my part to engender more goodwill with pedestrians and motorists), being able to go on my schedule, and getting a little exercise along the way.

With winter approaching, we may need to revisit what clothing we wear, especially Aaron and I. Jada only walks two blocks and then is at school, but it’s the Huang boys that have to bear two miles and about 15 minutes of the elements, heightened by the wind chill factor of riding a bicycle.

And then there’s rain. I’ve ridden Aaron in the rain before, but yesterday was the hardest so far, and harder than I anticipated when I looked at the forecast and then when I peeked out of the window earlier that morning. By the time we got to Aaron’s school, he was soaked and in need of a full costume change, which I started and then his teacher finished. My new jacket protected all but my legs, so when I got to the office, I did a half-costume change, changing my pants and socks, and stuffing newspaper in my shoes.

I know it can rain harder than it did yesterday, and on those days, I’ll likely go SEPTA. But anything less than a downpour, if there’s dry clothes waiting at our respective end locations, the Huang boys might be emboldened to keep on riding.
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