Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Little Culture (and a Lotta Schwag)

For "Green and Sustainable Day" yesterday, Penn Museum made an offer that was too good for the Huangs to refuse: if you visit us by any other means than driving your own car, we'll let you in for half-price. Given that the kids were free and Amy was home cooking for the week, that meant we paid a grand sum of five bucks to get in. Plus, we were one of the first 100 visitors, so we scored a sweet Penn Museum water bottle, not to mention a tote bag and mini-light-bulb key chains at the Peco Energy display. And, we were first in line to ride the new bicycle cabs - also free - which we took to South Street Bridge, which opened today after a lengthy reconstruction.

Oh, by the way, the museum itself was pretty cool. Archeology and anthropology aren't the coolest things for little kids, but seeing different stuff seemed to be somewhat interesting for them. Believe it or not, where we spent the majority of our time was at the "Righteous Dopefiends" exhibit, a photo exhibit of the homeless and drug addicted in San Francisco; both Aaron and Jada were fascinated by these gritty black-and-white photos.

All in all, I was pleased to get them some culture. And I suppose all the free schwag didn't hurt either.
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