Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, August 2010

Kids - Another fun month for Aaron and Jada. They saw Amy's parents twice, went for a splash at the local swim club with their friends, and got reacquainted with their animal friends at the zoo. Jada went with Lee to San Jose to see Lee's parents, and hit the zoo and science museum while they were out there, and Aaron luxuriated in Amy's undivided attention while his sister and dad were away.

Adults - Amy's ankle is still bothering her; her physical therapist puts it through the paces twice a week. She's powering through all sorts of preparations for her new job, which starts next month. Lee worked feverishly at work, kicked off his campaigning for David Oh for City Council at Large in 2011, and was really glad to be able to fly out to San Jose to see his parents.
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