Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dispatches from the Home Front - August 31

Not much to say on this, our last day, except that I am very sick and not looking forward to a whole day of travel in such a condition. Jada and I arise early, get ready, get packed, and say bye to May, Mom, and Ba. The brand new terminal at San Jose International is gorgeous. Long lines, just enough time to use the bathroom before hopping on our first plane.

We have two hours in Denver International, and it has free wi-fi and electrical sockets galore. We each eat an Egg McMuffin, and split the bounty of fruit we packed the night before from my parents' house. Jada watches her DVD player while I read. Finally, we board for Philadelphia.

About halfway through the flight, with Jada jumpy as ever, she whines to me, "Daddy, there's something making my eyes close." That would be called sleepiness, sweetie. Within minutes, I've removed the armrest between us and put my arm around her, and she is asleep. And so am I.

Aaron and Amy come to the airport to pick us up. Aaron and Jada talk excitedly in the backseat, while Amy and I stare forward blankly, her weary from a week with Aaron and me feeling lousy. Soon enough, the kids are in bed, I've unpacked everything, and, cold medicine taken, I am in a dreamy fog.
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