Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dispatches from the Home Front - August 28

Glutton for punishment that I am, I decide to follow a late night out with an early morning run. But between eating something funny the day before and not getting enough sleep, I feel awful for the rest of the morning. Mercifully, Jada, who arises at 6, let's me go back to sleep until about 8, while she plays quietly in my room.

We have breakfast and then head out to the Cupertino Library for a massive Taiwanese culture celebration that must have drawn 2,000 people. Never have I seen so many Taiwanese people outside of Taiwan. Cupertino is already well over half Asian, but this is ridiculous. I had arranged with a friend to meet there, but it took us almost two hours to locate each other.

In the meantime, Jada reveled in moon bounce-like contraptions, which we bought tickets for but probably got way more than our money's worth out of given how lax the supervision was in terms of repeat uses. Jada also scored a pretty pinwheel in a similar manner: she just took it. When I sheepishly asked the lady at the booth whether that was OK, she sheepishly looked back at me and then at Jada and said sure why not. We Taiwanese are friendly and generous to a fault. (And we hate confrontations.)

We finally got ourselves home and then I took a monster nap while Jada continued her streak of being a good girl and not pestering me awake. Then we met friends at the local park and the kids got sandy and dirty while we adults caught up. Nothing like good conversation on a gorgeous day while your kids yuk it up in the playground equipment nearby.

My dad made a delicious dinner, Jada got all the sand scrubbed out of her hair, I finally remembered to comb her earlier than the day after a shower, and soon enough we were all in bed, feeling that good kind of ache from a day of fun.
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