Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Kissing and Hugging

They say having kids can be a killjoy to your romance, and they're quite correct, for who now has the time, energy, or money for the kinds of things that keep your spark going? It's certainly an effort worth doing, but it's certainly an effort that's been made much more difficult with the introduction of little ones.

An interesting twist to all of this in our household is Jada's growing negativity towards any sort of affection Amy and I display towards each other. At first, it was cutesy: the typical "no kissing and hugging" you might hear a kid say with a smile on her face. But interspersed with that are the same words said with more seriousness or even sadness.

We don't know if this is normal for kids or endemic of an adopted child who has particular sensitivities to being unloved and abandoned. For now, we continue to be affectionate towards each other and to her, and to use these opportunities to express both our love for her and the importance of mommies and daddies kissing and hugging each other. We'll see how this plays out.
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