Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Picture of Love

One of Jada’s favorite pastimes is drawing. She is ever curled up around a sea of papers and markers, ink stains all over her arms and face, churning out picture after picture. Drawing, it seems, is her muse. It’s also an important way she expresses care: witness her rapid-fire production of customized drawings for each of her classmates.

So it is more than a little touching to see how many drawings she has drawn for her grandmother, who is recovering for a significant car accident and who is having to cope with the paralyzed state it has left her in. I would estimate that in the past six months, Jada has drawn some 200 pictures for her “Ama,” and shows no signs of abating her drivenness.

She is otherwise not a very sympathetic or thoughtful person, even for a five-year-old, at least by most people’s standards of considerateness and warmth. But I guess we each have our own ways of communicating love and concern. And Jada has, in her own unique way, showered her Ama with hers.
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