Monday, April 26, 2010

Open Sesame

Aaron and Jada receiving special services qualifies them for attendance at an annual local gathering at Sesame Place, a really fun water park that's great fun for the kids. Even better, the special day takes place before the park officially opens for the season, so even though there's tons of people there, it's not as crowded as it can get for a hot summer day.

The downside of this early entry is the higher risk of a bad weather day. Sure enough, the region enjoyed great weather on Saturday, which we capitalized on by taking the kids for an extended trip to the zoo, but lousy weather on Sunday, which was when we had tickets for Sesame Place.

Being a Huang, I half-thought about going anyway - if something is free in my family, you do it no matter what - but between the rain and the cold, and the lack of non-outdoor activities at Sesame Place, we decided not to go. The kids could've benefited from the run-around, too, as being cooped up at home made for a lot of whining and clutter.

Well, they managed to entertain themselves just enough to not drive Amy or me totally crazy, and after a warm dinner and an even warmer bath, all was good. There was no foray to Sesame Place and no wild water fun, but it was a solid weekend nonetheless.
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