Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Explosive Child

On days Aaron has "circle school" in the morning, he stays home from his regular school for the rest of the day, and so I usually take Jada to and from school, either by bike or by bus, so Amy doesn't have to leave the house and schlep Aaron with her. But earlier this week, Amy said she'd pick up Jada in the afternoon, just to give her and Aaron something to do, "but if he's sleeping by the time the school day is ending, I'll call you and you go get Jada so I can let Aaron keep sleeping."

Well, Aaron wasn't sleeping, but, in Amy's words, "he seems happy so I don't want to rile him." Sunny disposition can give way quickly to storminess when it comes to the little guy. Ticking time bomb, volcano, whatever other analogy you want to use: he's it. So I said, "I agree," and made arrangements to leave time to head over to Jada's school to grab her and take the bus home. No sense in disturbing our explosive child.
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