Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some Assembly Required

"Some assembly required." The dreaded words all parents loath to hear. Even those of us with advanced degrees are reduced to a montage of quizzical looks, mutterings under one's breath, and unscrewing and rescrewing some piece because it waited until Step 6 to tell you that Piece L in Step 4 was supposed to face holes inward instead of outward.

My latest foray into this vortex was Jada's bed, which was supposed to take one to three hours and instead had me up well past midnight from a post kids' bedtime start time, fingers sore from jamming plastic pieces into too-small spaces and ratcheting countless screws. My swollen digits will, of course, heal just in time to be put back to use once the curtains arrive. Maybe I can get Amy to do those . . .
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