Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, That Didn't Take Long

The one-hour shift courtesy of Daylight Savings Time meant the kids were waking up later, to the point that we were running late to school a couple of days this week. The silver lining was the opportunity - not always fully exploited - to have extra time in the morning before they woke up.

No more. By the end of the week, both were up at 6, as usual. The good thing is that they keep each other company, drawing pictures or watching Dora. And, the extra time means we won't have to worry about rousting them up and hustling them to school.

So I'm fine that they adjusted so quickly from the one-hour shift. Still, mornings before they're up are the most peaceful time of the day. So having that blissful window of time compressed a bit is a little bittersweet.
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