Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glimmers of Spirituality

Between their behavioral issues, development lags, and communicative challenges, our kids give Amy and me lots to worry over. Ultimately, we do what we can, get extra help as is available for their particular diagnoses, and entrust them to God to grow them.

And, of course, we do our best to cultivate in them a sense of faith and discipleship. We bring them to church, teach them right and wrong, and get them in the routine of praying and reading the Bible. But at some point, a personal relationship with God will have to be something they want and own for themselves.

So it was heartening to see glimmers of spirituality earlier this week. I was home alone with the kids at the dinner table, as Amy was at school. The kids had finished eating and I was still washing the dishes, so I asked them to play nearby until I was done so we could go upstairs, take bathes, and get ready for bed.

Instead of going to the next room over to play with toys, they both climbed onto the same chair, and pretended to have dinner again. But, notably, they told each other that they needed to give thanks first. So first Jada prayed, and then Aaron.

So what if they were echoing words and phrases they've heard us pray, and so what if it was in the context of them having fun and role-playing. It was still neat to see that they had observed us praying and wanted to do the same. To date, other kids their age have impressed me with a recognition of Bible stories and concepts that my kids don't yet have; but it does appear that they do have an appreciation for the spiritual and the divine, and for that I'm thankful.
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