Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Home Improvements

Next month will be ten years since we bought our house, and this coming October will be five years since we've first became parents. And yet, much of our house is still in a state of temporary arrangement. Only Aaron has moved up to the third floor, Jada is still squatting in a first floor bedroom, and there are boxes and toys and kid items everywhere.

I'm starting to get fed up with it. We toggle the kids' toothbrushes between two floors' worth of bathrooms, we change them in weird places, and I can never find anything. And so over the next few months, I'm going on an organizing spree: furniture is going to get purchased, shelves are going to get installed, and there will be a bin for everything we own.

The challenge, of course, is that Amy and I don't have any free time. Ten minutes we have; ten hours we don't; so if a project takes 10 hours to complete, it's kind of hard to split that project into 60 10-minute bursts. But, hopefully, my agitated state will overcome the inertia that has characterized much of our years in our beloved home.
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