Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter Wonderland, the Clark Park Version

What a nice amenity Clark Park has become for our neighborhood, especially when you experience 28.5 inches of snow in a 24-hour period. Here's the blow by blow version of Winter Wonderland, the Clark Park Version:

2:00pm - We head out from our house to the Penn campus with our friends from down the street, one kid being pulled in a wagon and three others on a sled.

2:30pm - We pick up another sled from our friend, who has left it for us on the ground floor of High Rise North, where he is the house dean. Sapped from dragging our kids, my friend and I decide to make the kids hoof it from here.

3:00pm - Amazingly, they make it all the way through heavy snow to Clark Park, probably almost a half-mile away. Even Aaron, who perishes easily in the elements, has a hop in his step. Snow is like fun dust for little kids.

3:30pm - Clark Park is packed to the gills with sledders of all ages. The kids immediately take to their new sport. Even when they wipe out, they are cackling with glee. The adults partake in the downhill activities, as well.

4:30pm - Finally, the witching hour hits. Both Aaron and my friend's youngest perish at the same time. We drag them back to my house, the ride made mercifully easier by the snow on the streets being packed down nice by all the cars, creating zero friction for our sled and wagon.

5:00pm - Home, where Aaron's frostbite can be tended to by her nurse mother, and all of their growling tummies can be met with peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, and, soon enough, take-out pizza and wings. Life is good.
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