Sunday, February 07, 2010

We Went to the Dentist's and a Snow Storm Broke Out

With the snow storm looming, Amy and I decided on Friday that I would take Jada to the dentist downtown and then get her after school as well. We made it downtown with no problems. Jada had fun in the dentist's chair, although her not-so-great verbals combined with not liking things in her mouth meant that the X-ray portion didn't go so well: the kind assistant had to go through several iterations to get one good shot and one blurry shot. Oh well.

The good news is Jada has good teeth. We subwayed it back to University City, and I put her on my shoulders for the ten-minute walk from the closest subway station to her school, her eating cheddar-flavored Sun Chips and raining orange onto my skully the whole way.

On the way home, it started to snow just as I picked her up. We hoofed it to the closest bus stop and took a slow ride through rush-hour traffic back home. By the next morning, enough snow had fallen for all bus routes to be canceled. Fortunately, we had nowhere to go for the weekend, and were able to handle Friday's travel without a car, so our car is safely parked right outside our house, where we can dig it out tomorrow morning. That is, if anything is open then.
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