Monday, January 04, 2010

Sweet Moments

As much grief as our kids give us, the sweet moments seem to make up for it. (That and our faulty memories.) We had a pair of sweet moments this past weekend. Had a great time at their Aunt Leah and Uncle Chris' house, and left at a decent hour to be home by bedtime.

Of course, the soothing car ride, combined with a busy day, had them out well before we were halfway home. Found a parking spot not far from the house, quietly brought in all our belongings, and then we each carried a deadweight child into the house.

I had warm Aaron, who woke briefly but succumbed quickly back to sleep; it helped that I brought him straight up to his room and into his bed, and took off his jacket/hat/shoes/socks there. Jada woke up more completely, but was so tired that she could only muster a meek request for one story from Amy, which Amy read quietly and quickly, after which Jada feel right back to sleep.

It's really what you hope for when you're bringing your kids home from a late night out. (Well, late for us: we were home well before 8.) But our kids can be so crazy sometimes, and late nights exacerbate their fussiness. We lucked out this past weekend, and got a couple of sweet moments as a result.
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