Monday, January 04, 2010

News Flash: Jada Took a Nap

Jada's weekend "room times" are notoriously short: she has too much zest for life to be cooped up in her room for too long, let alone to take a nap. But it's not as though she doesn't need the sleep.

And so after a run of early wake-ups, I decided to be more pro-active in getting Jada to nap. After we had put Aaron in his room time and Amy had retired to bed for her own nap, I asked Jada to have room time with me. We both got our reading materials and curled up together on the sofa. We read for awhile, got sleepy, and then I said to Jada, "come take a nap with me." She quietly accepted, closed her eyes, laid her head on my shoulder, and soon we were both asleep.

Alas, the next day, we repeated the routine but didn't get the same result: I fell fast asleep but Jada bopped around as if she had ingested too much caffeine. Oh well, at least we got one nap in; and at least the next day when she didn't sleep, we still had some quality father-daughter time together on the couch, quietly reading our books together.
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