Sunday, January 03, 2010

Strange Family Relations

If Jada is my daughter, and Dolly is her baby, what does that make me to Dolly? In Jada's mind: "Brother." At the risk of seeming cold-hearted, I must confess that Dolly, Jada's prized doll, which she has had since birth, creeps me out. One of her eyes is missing, and has become irreversibly dirty and ragged.

And yet Jada insists on waving her in my face and saying, "Say hi to Dolly!" When I say hi, Jada responds in a high-pitched voice, "Hi, Brother!" And, when the same sequence takes place with Amy, Jada says, "Hi, Sister!"

Strange to me. And yet the two are inseparable. They say that the good and the bad about family is that you're stuck with them. And so it is with Dolly.
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