Friday, January 22, 2010

Nature vs. Nurture

Parenting adopted kids is a fascinating thing. On the one hand, there are things that are hard-wired in them: Aaron, from Taiwan, has an extraordinary stomach for any Taiwanese dish Amy concocts for us, and we've seen Jada, from China, get into this rural farmer mode picking and sorting oranges in my parents' backyard.

And yet, our two also take on the temperaments of their parents. Aaron is like Amy: sleep-loving, likes to mope around the house, and is crabby in the morning. Jada is like me: up early, can't stand to nap because there's so much to do, and can't find anything in the house to save her life.

Earlier this month, as our trip to San Jose got closer and closer, Jada got more and more excited. She packed her own fun bag with a twinkle in her eye and a bounce in her step. Though I had to keep a manic schedule to get everything done in San Jose, she matched me step for step. Meanwhile, at home, Aaron was content with having Mommy time and TV time, although not necessarily in that order.

Yep, these are our kids, alright. We love them dearly.
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