Friday, January 22, 2010

Emerging From Her Cocoon as a Social Butterfly

For all of her maddening idiosyncrasies and worrying dysfunctions, Jada appears to all the world at times as a well-adjusted child in social settings. It's quite heartening to see how comfortable she can be out in the real world, such situations playing to her natural temperament and honed by many hours in preschool.

When we go to children's museums, for example, Jada often moves seamlessly from activity to activity, willing to interact with any and all kids who show an interest in playing with her. She is a generous tea party host, laughs easily when co-playing with blocks or bubbles, and gives and receives orders with aplomb.

Showing her feisty, urban side, she holds her ground when needed: recently, a bigger kid tried meanly to horn in on something Jada was playing with, and Jada barked at him with a ferocity he was likely not expecting from such a cute and tiny package. Then, as often when we are out and about, I said to myself, "That's my girl."
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