Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dealing with Defiance

Earlier this week, Amy took Aaron to his first day at a place near us that provides intensive, one-on-one behavioral services. We may switch this up, but for now he'll go to two sessions a week, and otherwise be home on those days, and do full-days at his preschool the other three days.

Of course, he was a beast before and after the session, and normal during. And why wouldn't he be normal during; after all, he expended all his tantrums before and after. Sigh.

We are doubling down on the discipline and care, even though it can be wearying to do so without seeing much progress. Maybe this place will help tone down his defiance. It seems to be the defiance that not only makes him hard to bear but also prevents him from receiving the lesson in the midst of the tirade; who, after all, would be able to remember the cause and effect of behavior and punishment if you've just unleashed a mighty fury of kicking and screaming and throwing and biting? By God's grace, we press on.
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