Monday, September 28, 2009

A Colorful Time

A belated post concerning our day trip to the Crayola Factory earlier this month. It has become a bit of a tradition for me and two far-flung friends to meet up there, as the place is somewhat in the middle of the triangle that represents our relative distance from one another. We went a few years back when we all had one kid, and this time we each had two with us. (One of my friends left his third at home, and another is expecting a third, so I guess the next time we come here I'll have to bring a third, too!)

Catching up with good buddies aside, Easton is a fun little place for young families. Right at Centre Square, where Crayola Factory is, was a farmer's market, and the place was bustling that morning. Above the Crayola Factory is the National Canal Museum, which is free, and which features a very fun, interactive water-themed exhibit that the kids always seem to enjoy. And the Crayola Factory itself is chock full of fun things to do. There's even a McDonald's right next door, to make it easy to grab a bite before we head to our respective homes.

In short, while it's a relatively long drive for the kids (see the one video of them crashed out in the backseat), it's well worth it. Here's looking ahead to the next time we can do this, no matter how many little ones we bring with us.

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