Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jada's Trying

Since Jada’s verbals are so far behind, we’re hoping her new school helps her catch up; and, two weeks in, we’ve already seen progress. On a related note, we’re heartened not only that she’s doing better but that she’s trying. Amy informed me that Jada’s speech therapist is very proud of Jada’s efforts; even when Jada struggles with an exercise that a kid her age should be able to do, “she is trying so hard,” as her speech therapist puts it.

I think it is natural, especially for high-achieving Ivy League grads, for parents to want their kids to be made out of good stuff, whether that translates into being a nuclear physicist or a brain surgeon or a mathematician. But, equally important is that kids, no matter where they are in the smartness continuum, are putting in the effort.

Jada is a sponge, so we knew she'd pick up more stuff. What we weren't sure about is if this stepped-up mental push would be a turn-on or a turn-off. So we’re glad that there's been more enthusiasm than resistance. Like her speech therapist, we’re very proud of her for it.
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