Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Aaron

After doing well in San Jose, and getting along better with his sister, who he spent the whole time in San Jose with, Aaron is back to a crabby stage. Particularly common now is his getting enraged about not wanting something, and then wanting it, and then not wanting it, and then falling onto the floor in a heap. This makes mealtime a particular challenge, as we offer something to him, then calmly take it away when he screams he doesn't want it, then offer it again when he yells for it, then put it away when he hollers yet again.

Where is our Santa Maria when we need her? Alas, our time with her ran out earlier this summer. So we solder on, knowing what is right to do (be consistent, be calm, hang in there) but fraying a bit from having it tested so.
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