Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thinking of Mom

The sadness continues for us as we consider my mom's plight. The good news is she is now more alert, not constantly on sedatives and painkillers. Unfortunately, I'm sure that that also means more awareness of her physical condition, and thus the beginning for her of mourning this severe loss of mobility. Plus, despite her best efforts, her breathing is still very impaired on account of her injuries; at this point it us unknown whether she'll ever recover the ability to breathe easily without a ventilator.

I cannot help but think of a time not long ago, when my mom literally froze her life for five months, to go to Taiwan to tend to the logistics associated with the birth of our son and then to all the attendant paperwork needed to get him adopted by us and cleared to enter the US. Though she was near some family, it was a very real sacrifice for her, in terms of stress and loneliness. Amy and I owe our son to her efforts.

And I, of course, owe my very life to her. And so my thoughts go easily to her and to the discomfort and grieving she is going through, and it saddens me greatly. Lord, please give relief to my mom; help her to breathe and, eventually, to move again, that, in whatever disabled condition she is in, she will yet be able to enjoy the rest of her life, and the son she brought into this world, and his son who she helped bring into his life.
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