Friday, July 31, 2009

How to Stay Cool on a Hot July Day

Been crazy around here. Just now posting about the past two weekends:

* Every year, the president of our firm invites everyone in the extended corporate family to his house for food and fun. That his house abuts a lake is a nice perk for our kids to capitalize on, and this year was no exception. I wasn't able to take that much footage on account of having to be either waist-deep in water or paddling a kayak or canoe, but the kids splashed in and rode on the lake to their heart's content. Refreshments that included Yoo Hoo and ice cream didn't hurt, either, especially on a hot July day. Good times all around.

* The next weekend was even hotter. On Sunday, we made a quick jaunt to Clark Park to drop in on our church's annual summer picnic, and then headed home, filled the kiddie pool, and let the kids go wild. Messy at the dinner table: bad. Messy in the backyard in your swimsuit on a hot July day: good.

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