Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not So Restful Evenings

After a long day of kids, work, and kids, it's not unusual to find me crawling into bed at around 8 for some uninterrupted reading before bed. Because I am an introvert, I desperately need this quiet space to decompress and recharge. So I try to avoid stressful tasks between the kids' bedtime and my own.

This need was particularly acute this week, with Amy stressed on account of a midterm and me away in Washington on Monday and Tuesday. Alas, nary a peaceful evening was to be found.

* Tuesday evening I got home just in time to help with dinner and bedtime, but then had to jet to our church's monthly leadership meeting, which did not conclude until the quite ungodly hour of 10:30.

* Wednesday evening we had at an area of our house that our remodelers recently finished but had not yet cleaned up.

* Thursday evening we discovered that a major leak in said recently remodeled area (on the third floor) was pouring water into the closet below it (on the second floor), necessitating an immediate clearing out of that closet, tossing of ruined items, airing out of non-ruined items, and general physical and psychic disarray. (The story ends well: the next day, we discovered the leak was our remodeler's fault, so they said they'd fix all the damage gratis.)

* Friday evening Aaron spilled a bottle of red nail polish on our carpet while Amy was trying to do Jada's nails, necessitating a quick Google search of "nail polish on carpet" followed by feverish rubbing of vinegar and window cleaner to some avail.

Needless to say, Amy and I are fried. Let the weekend begin.
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